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Worlds Collide part 1

Worlds Collide

Worlds collide is a eve pvp tournament that is going to be played at fanfest. It features the winners of our alliance tournament Camel Empire vs the Chinese winners of their tournament City of Angels. The tournament will be played in a 5v5 format. It seems like ccp are going to put in some serious effort on this tournament and it is probably going to be a major event at fanfest with some great production value. The winning team will take home a Victorieux Luxury Yacht for the entire server. This ship is pretty much a super nullified cloaky shuttle that will warp super fast. 

Rule set

Lets start out with the obvious. It's a single best of five tournament. The teams must bring all 5 pilots compared to say AT where you could go with less people and higher point ships. This makes real sense once you realize that ccp flew these guys out to fanfest and they probably want them to actually play when they get here. The arena has the same size as the AT one with a 125km radius from the middle beacon. We will probably see some boundary violations even with fewer pilots and less to worry about on grid.

One interesting thing to note is that the game will be played on the Proteus patch instead of Tiamat that we currently have. The biggest thing this means is that we won't have the Svipul. We will however have the recon rebalance and confessors making them look like pretty strong choices. The players will be provided fully maxed characters for this tournament and I feel like this is a really good idea since tq players are going to have way more skillpoints and it provides a more even match where skills matter more then skillpoints. 

Both teams will be able to see all 7 setups submitted before the tournament and ban two of them.

The biggest difference between WC and AT comes up next and it's one of the reasons this tournament will stay very competitive.

Let's talk about this, This makes theorycrafting really hard for this tournament and it provides a trap where you could put all good ships into one setup and then have it banned. I think this is something some of the Chinese setups might have fallen into. I will talk more about this in an upcoming blog about theorycrafting for the worlds collide tournament.

For the setups each team has 45 points to build a team from. They may not bring more then 2 of each ship type. You can only bring one logistics cruiser or two logistics frigs and only one tech 1 support cruiser. No alliance tournament ships are allowed of course seeing how they seem to be handed out like candy on the Chinese server and I don't even know if they have all of them.

Here is the point list for all ships. 

The good

Command ships at 16 makes them a really good choice seeing how much utility they can bring to smaller fleets with links. Some other intresting points is that heavy interdictors are one point less then heavy assault cruisers and due to their rebalance they are actually decent pvp ships now. While having a ton of tank. Due to the sizes of this tournament I think ewar ships will be really strong and EAFs at 6 points or t1 ewar ships at 4 seems like a good investment. A interesting thing  is if you choose to pick a Confessor over a t1 cruiser. I feel like they are kind of equal combat ships but a Confessor is super versitable. 

The bad

T1 battleships, faction and pirate seems super overpriced. You can get a black ops for the same price as a t1 Battleship. I have no idea why you would pick a battlecruiser either seeing how hacs are less points. Bcs can fit links though so they are not super useless but still. Other ships that I would never field are covert ops ships, bombers and t1 industrials obviously. A command ship seems better then a strategic cruiser as well for the same points. Same goes for using a strat cruiser for logi since a t2 logi cruiser is way less points and generally better for this type of setups.

The tournament has the standard only logistics modules on logistics or strategic cruisers and no faction stuff rules. Ancillary shield boosters are also limited to one per ship. One major thing that's different from the AT is that Worlds collide will only allow t1 drones. This is huge as it limits drone setups a lot. The only implants allowed will be mindlinks and fitting implants ee-60x and eg-60x All the way up to 6%s allowing some more flexibility on their fits. Energy transfers are not allowed so we won't see some tinker setups here.

Closing words

This will be my first blog on the worlds collide subject. Future blogs will look deeper at the setups provided and have some deeper meta discussion with bans, fits and general predictions of what setups are strong against what and who I will think will win. 

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  1. Looking forward to your predictions.
    First posts on the forum about the setups mostly predict an easy win for Camel.

  2. I can't see any of your images or links... all broken, is it just me?

  3. Gorski, are this fits assuming the two 6% fitting implants are in? Very interesting read.

    1. Some of my fits use 6% implants. In order to min max with 6% implants in mind you usually want to spend a very long theorycrafting. For simplicity I assumed fitting implants would be used but not sit and min max every setup to make sure I abuse the implants. I didn't do stuff like split guntypes just to get a little bit more out of my ship.

      Also you can only use one 6% fitting implant since both sit in slot 6.

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