tisdag 17 mars 2015

Worlds Collide part 4 bans

So the last blog in this series I think. The bans are in. You can find the full setups here http://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/eve-online-news/worlds-collide-submitted-team-setups/

Camel banned setup 2 and 5

CoA decided to ban setup 1 and 2

Initial thoughts

First of is that both teams have decided to ban two types of setups in this tournament. CoA went for the obvious "fuck ECM" ban and removed two strong ECM setups. Camel on the other hand went straight for the only two setups with logistics. Choosing surprisingly to leave out the Widow setup and who knows they might have a ace up their sleeve (setup 6 with the Confessors and Maulus maybe). I think the bans benefited Camel the most here making their choice of what setups to bring pretty easy. I think Cruiser rush setups with logistics are stronger then ECM setups and I hope that camel will be able to show this on Friday. Leaving the Widow comp in is probably going to be a surprise for most people and I am kinda surprised as well. I figured that it's stronger then the vigilant setup that I feel Camel could handle the Vigilant setup with the Curse setup for example.

Right now after the bans I feel like CoAs strongest setup is the typhoon fleet issue setup and the Cerb one. TFIs should def not be underestimated and two battleships could really be strong in a 5v5 setup despite their huge point price. The Widow comp could also be potentially dangerous but it could also be shut down really hard and I think we will wait and see. Camel obviously have something in mind choosing not to ban it.

For CoA there is not much to their bans. They choose to primarily ban ECM based setups but they also banned Camels two missile kite setups and also got some strong damp ships with it. Something dangerous here is that they have a couple of setups with really fragile cruisers without logistics. The Cerberus setup that they have could potentially be good but I think CoA really needs to watch out for all the links Camel got and the fact that they are able to project damage far out enough to at least somewhat hurt the CoA kite setups and since they lack logi its damage they won't get back.

What would Gorski do?

If I was CoA I would have banned setup 4 and setup 6. Setup 4 is a minmatar rush with a curse that's going to be really spooky against their more kitey setups and setup 6 is just going to murder with that much dps and tank from confessors and damnation with logi.

If I was Camel I would have banned the gila setup and the Widow setup. Despite having a setup or maybe two that can hard counter the widows its still ecm and they could get unlucky. And I know Widows have pretty shit lock range and camel have mauluses so who knows.

All in all I think Camel will win the tournament 3-1 and I am sorry that this blog is a bit shorter but I need to get on a plane to Iceland!

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  1. Great series of posts m8, I'm super excited for this mini-tournament.

  2. Enjoy FF. Hope CoA wins at least one match.

    1. Well at least Serenity did win with their hull tanked TFI. For the rest the Camel damps seem to have won the game, leaving the chinese unable to apply any real damage.

    2. Well thats no real surprise damps have been a super strong and important part in many tourneys. they are even stronger in this smaller format and with info links. I predicted tfi as strongest setup and i predicted 3 1 victory so at least i got that right. Had a awesome weekend in iceland and i got to hang with all the camel guys.

    3. And for the future of this blog i dunno got some good offers at fanfest and i might start writing for others